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    Question Canadian Tire "Professional Motorcycle Stand"


    I recently bought the Motorcycle Stand Set, that was mentioned on BCSB, at Canadian Tire. It's a nice set, the quality is good and the price was even better ($79.99 on sale).But.......I can't get the front stand to fit. The rear stand works just fine. They advice to put your bike on the rear stand first and than use the front stand. But, either way, in this order or the other way around, the front stand won't fit.
    This is what I did: I adjusted the width of the stand to the front forks ánd adjusted the pins to the depth I could feel in the holes of the forks. The problem now is, the pins won't reach enough to catch the holes to be able to raise the bike. If I would make the pins longer, so they will reach, then the bike won't rest on the surface of the stand but only on the pins that are now touching the wheel axle. And that will damage the axle, right?
    Does anybody have advice on what I'm missing or doing wrong? I have a 2000 R1.

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    there was a thread showing a way to fix this i think. involves a grinder and a few minutes

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    This is a serious design problem with these stands. They are close but not quite just right. You got the one trick down pat when you bent the main hoop to adjust the spacing but now you need to do one more fix to the front.

    You can either do what Shovelhead did in THIS THREAD

    Or you can do what I did as shown on page 6 of the BIG THREAD on these stands from a while back
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    Wow,I guess i am one of the lucky ones,The stands fit my bike great front and back{05 Gsxr 750} But one more thing,I would not be too hard on the quality of those stands,After all they are only 80 bucks,It sounds like a little modding like Teetees idea and they work.If you want perfection you can always pay 150 or more per stand from places like Lockhart.

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