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    Stolen Bike

    Hey Im new to this forum thing but thougt it would be my last resort to try out. Im a new rider I only have 3400 miles experience, but thats not what Im here for. I just wanted to ask for any kind of help or tips leading to the recovery of my bike. It was a 2004 Suzuki GSXR 750 and was stolen from the parking lot in front of my apartment complex in Burien, WA on the 4th of July. The police have been notified but Im losing hope that it wont be recovered. I laid the bike once so it has scrapes on the left fairing and the front fairing is cracked on the left side. The tail has a broken tab on the left side and has a aluminum polished stator cover with the gsxr engraved on it. Im still financing this bike and it is the first bike I have ever bought or ride, I bought it with no riding experience. I waited 3 years to buy this bike and love it and love the riding experience. I dont know what else to say but all tips are appreciated at or 206-384-2427. I would offer a reward but just dont have that kind of money but Im sure I can find a way to thank people. I would add a pic but dont know how, its front blue cowl with white sides and tail just see it at
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    Sorry to hear about your bike. All we can do is keep an eye out for the bike. Do you have a pic?? If you find the bike and the thief please detain the culprit and wait for instructions from us!!! I hope you have insurance to cover the loss of your bike.

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    tyblade, it probably won't help much for us to be looking out for your bike, since we're separated by a national border. Try posting a pic/description of your bike up on one of your local forums, or a northwest subforum on an American forum.

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    chances of the bike being recovered are pretty slim. the only thing you can really do is get your invoices together for the insurance company. remember to get replacement cost reciepts for any thing bought for your bike
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    thanks guys for the support but unfortunately I didnt have insurance on my bike ( stupid of me plus very expensive because of my record ) but atleast I did buy a theft insurance wich covers 5k. But I still owe a lot on it ( rather not say ) well I guess Im going to have to save some money to buy a cheap bike just to ride for more experience maybe something around 2k to 3k.

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