AVI to DVD burn..anyone?
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Thread: AVI to DVD burn..anyone?

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    AVI to DVD burn..anyone?

    how the hell do i do it? i've used www.videohelp.com but nothing seems to work?! anyone have any surefire ways that work?
    i'll download anything, i just need to get this to work! damn it!

    i want to make my downloaded .avi files onto dvd discs so they work on normal dvd players!

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    You need Nerovision or a copy of Roxio EZ cd/dvd creator. will convert it all to DVD format for you.
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    I found that Sonic does it, but it doesn't give you enough creative control so you cant make something wicked. You get something more along the lines of a Powerpoint presentation, well at least with verison I have on my laptop, maybe if I upgrade to the deluxe version you get better options.
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    I would use TMPGEnc to convert them into MPEG2 files... it should then be pretty easy to burn as playable DVD's.

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    do a search on google..I found a few programs on there that would burn those type of files just as long as your willing to pay for it. Or take a look in some computer stores they have those dvd players that play from mpeg to avi files..i saw one for about 150.00.

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    I also use TMPEG to convert the AVI to MPEG2: http://www.tmpgenc.net/e_main.html

    Then I use TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 to create the DVD image. http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tda.html
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