funny/pathetic/horror stories?
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Thread: funny/pathetic/horror stories?

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    funny/pathetic/horror stories?

    Anyone brave enough to share?
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    I once got caught feeding worms to a baby.
    damn that kid was hungry, but the mother didn't seem too pleased. talk about embarassing.
    Hey, it shut the kid up, didn't it?!
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    I have a card trick.

    You pick a card, you put the card back, you shuffle it as many times as you want, hell, choose a different deck if you want to.

    I take the deck of cards. And I concentrate....and I's intense.

    I choose a card.

    So far I've been wrong all the time and the trick doesn't work. But, all I need is that ONE time for it to work, a 1 in 52 chance approximately, and it'll be the most amazing thing ever.
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    ok, my first time snowboarding i had these pants that zipped all the way up from the hip. needless to say, if u ever snowboarded your first time is a nightmare. i fell so hard on the first run that i ripped the zipper right off, and yep, couldn't zip my pant leg up anymore. it was dragging and tripping me. i was forced to take off the f-in pants and board down in my thermal undies. yes, it was that embarassing, mind u, i was still falling over so by the time i finished that run, my undies were soaked to the bone. and i looked pretty gay with skin tight pants. how's that for embarassing....

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    Don't know if I told this one before...

    I was at the ozone and I drank LOTS... it was 75 cent highball 75 cent shooter night.

    I was straight up sloshed...

    I managed to somehow get to my girlfriends house.. stumbled into her room, tore off all my clothes and passed out instantly.

    Sometime before I wake up I have this dream that I had to pee really bad, and i was standing at the toilet but I just couldn't relax enough to pee. Finally I relaxed and it seemed like I was peeing for about a minute.

    maybe an hour later I woke up to a weird wet slightly warm feeling.. I rolled over.. COLD. I woke up, and instantly realised I was laying in a huge puddle of urin... HAHA !

    I jumped up so I was standing on the bed and yelled "TWYLA I PISSED ALL OVER THE BED AND ALL OVER YOU!!!!!"

    and started bouncing up and down to wake her up. I ran and jumped into the shower. The funny thing is I wasnt embarassed at all... it was more like when you witness a big carcrash and yell "holy shit !"

    Funny thing is im not a bed wetter I did pee the bed once when i was like 5 or 6 but I had some kidney infection or my bladder or aids.. (I cant really remember)

    Anyways I got out of the shower and twyla's got this pissed off look and says "you're cleaning my sheets" and I said "no im not, I gotta go to work" and I took off.

    So who wants to be my girlfriend ?


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    speaking of zippers and pants:

    once upon a time, when I still had my old F2.. i was coming back from a 12 hour shift and ran out of gas (mistakenly had it on reserve already) in the middle of freakin' nowhere.

    So.. after much cursing i started to walk. Nearly right away a cabbie with a van pulls up. We try to put the bike in - no dice. So I ask him to take me to a gas station. After a freakin' tour de' Lower Mainland we finally get to a Shell.

    I walk in and immediately ask the counterlady for a jerry can. She's speaking Korean and is looking at me with stifled laughs.

    I'm already stressed out.. so i ask again a bit testily. She starts to laugh a bit more. What the heck.. why is she laughing at me?

    She was laughing because my pants were around my ankles.

    Y'see I had these waterproofs i wear over jeans. I looked down and sure enough they slipped and were down as If I was going to the washroom.

    What's worse they must have fell down right in front of her. I don't think I could have walked from the cab to the store without tripping.

    I can still see them laughing as I leave the gasstation. The Cabbie drops me off at my bike.. thanks a lot.. here's your Freakin' 60 bux for the fucking ride you fucking dick.

    Ahhh... finally got the gas. Can't wait to get going.. finally!

    Umm... where's my keys?

    &*%^$&*#(@#$ They're in the fucking CAB!

    Sigh.. this is where I give up and die. I toss the full gas can in the ditch and sit by my bike for about a half hour or so. After awhile I start walking.. about 5kms down a truck stops and gives me a lift. I ask him to take me to the nearest shopping center.

    From there I made a call to a friend.. she was kind enough to come get me, go back to my house.. get the key.. then go get the bike.

    I was off work at 7pm. I got to my bike with my spare key by midnight. This qualifies as one of the worst days of my life.

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    My whole life has been a funny/pathetic/horrible embarrassment!

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