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    Road Test - Pre Check

    Sorry to post again, I just remembered another question for my road test on Thursday.

    I took lessons and was told that I would have to do a bike precheck for the examiner before we start riding. What did you have to check? Oil, brake fluid, tire pressure, electrical etc etc. The whole deal?

    Or just quick electrical check, brake fluid or whatnot....


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    Best to know it all don't ya think? After all it is for your safety...The examiner may not ask you at all or go over everything its subjective . Remember your hand sigs too...
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    pre check? they check lights, signals, and horn.

    they may ask you if you know where all the controls are located.

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    They should have covered it in your lessons...

    Lights, horn, maybe tire pressure (but doubt it, it's different for each bike). Maybe brake fluid. Know how to check it all, then no worries and you will need it whenever you do your pre-check for the rest of your riding career.

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    Ya, they went over checking everything in our theory class, but that bike was different that mine, so I know how to check most everything on mine, except the oil. But I can just double check the manual for it.

    I thought that I would just try asking to see how 'anal' about checking everything the examiner is.


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    Hey did mine yesterday and the dude checked highbeams, signal lights(front and back), brake lights and horn. School zones are not in effect because school is out. If your takin it in Surrey watch for the 30km. zone by City Hall and watch out for turning lanes with there own set of lights. That 's what got me the first time. Otherwise shoulder check, watch your speed and you should do fine. Good Luck!

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