Newby to the site, Tire Help please!
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Thread: Newby to the site, Tire Help please!

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    Newby to the site, Tire Help please!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this site and I have ridden a 636R for the last two summers. Before then, I borrowed friends bikes and I've had my license for 5 years now.
    Recently I was on a road trip and my back tire blew at about 160kms, kinda scary but not too much of a big deal because I'm nearing 13,000kms on stock rubber so it is time for a change anyways. The only problem was - it blew in Revelstoke, a town with one dealership who doesn't carry crotch rocket tires. Go Figure. I had to ride it with a plug all the way to Salmon Arm. Anyways, my question is, how important is it to replace the front tire at the same time as the rear? My money situation is kind've low right now but I could just put it on the credit card until my next paycheck.
    One last thing - I got a photo of my bike and I on my profile but it won't let me use it as a display picture. Anyone know how I can accomplish that?


    P.S. It sucks when your tire blows when you're about to replace it. I never got the opportunity to do a smoke show!

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    you generally go thru 2 rears per front. 13000 is pretty high though. look at the wear bars, and make a decision.

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    Profile pictures and avatar are two different things. The avatar must be no larger than 150X150 pixels and 24.9kb I believe and it's uploaded. Click on UserCP and click on Edit avatar, it's right there.
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