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    Unhappy Help! Lack of acceleration...

    Hey guys.. Yesterday I went out of gas, I moved the fuel petcock around, but I guess I had been riding in Reserve since I bought my bike, so it hadn´t been moved in at leat 8 months.. I refueled and alright. Then today I thought I better should be riding in "On" position, so I moved it. But now

    my problem is the bike feels like it overflows with fuel until around 4,000 rpm, and then again at 6,000 rpm, above that there´s no problem.

    What could be causing this? I noticed also a leak in a carburetor after I moved the fuel petcock. Spark plugs? Something to do with petcock? Both?

    Thanx a lot!

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    twist the throttle further?

    sorry i dunno...

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    a leak in the carb? floats and o rings. either your floats are stuck down, or not levelling off when the bowls are full, or the o rings that seal the top of the bowls are shot. bruce could comment further, but it also sounds like an idle circuit transition problem, which would mean something could be gummed up.

    or, you really found prime, where the fuel will flow unrestricted to the carbs from the tank.

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