Rough Shift into 2nd gear.
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Thread: Rough Shift into 2nd gear.

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    Rough Shift into 2nd gear.

    Hey guys, i picked up a 99 R6 early this year, and about a month and a half ago i got the motor swapped to a 2002 with 10k on it because i was having the 2nd gear problem (2nd gear was slipping, common problem on 99-02 R6's) Anyways, now with my new motor everything seems to be running fine, however when im riding the bike "harder" and i try to shift from 1st to 2nd the shift is quite rough. I'm worried that this is the start to another 2nd gear slippage problem ... could it be? is it normal to have a fair bit of resistance when riding the bike hard and shifting from 1st - 2nd? if im keeping the bike at low RPM's there is very little resistance shifting from 1st-2nd, and all other gears seem to be fine its just 2nd gear thats giving me a problem. any advice?

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    use full synthetic oil to smooth out the 1-2 shift

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    sounds like you swapped one lame duck for another.

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    Unless it's actually dropping out of gear your fine. Yami gear boxes are clunkier than most. Do what clutch said and get some full synthetic. I use Mobil 1 Red cap from Crappy tire but use whatever you want, Motul, Amsoil, etc.
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