OIL LEAK! what do i do....
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Thread: OIL LEAK! what do i do....

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    OIL LEAK! what do i do....

    I first noticed my bike was leaking oil when I started her up in the morning and I saw this little patch of oil under my bike. I don't really know where it is coming from so I don't really know what to do. I was planning to take my bike up to whistler this weekend but on second thought, is it safe? Or is this little oil leakage problem nothing too serious. plz help!

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    A little oil leak isn't the issue, it becoming a big leak and oiling the rear tire is.

    Find the problem area a little more specifically than, "under my bike", and I'd be more able to assist you.

    The easy/less costly common ones are the pan seal or the drain bolt. The expensive ones are the output shaft seal in the primary sprocket area, as these usually require engine removal and disassembly to fix.


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    Start by checking the oil filter, oil filler cap and oil drain bolt. These are the most likely spots to leak oil from.

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    You do not want oil leaking on your rear tire. Trust me, it's BAD!!!
    I'd park it until you can get it fixed or else you could end up crashing and having it cost ALOT more than it should

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    If you're going to run around and check torques on things be sure you realize that it's not OK to overtighten stuff. Just pull in the wrenches as hard as they SHOULD be and if the bolt doesn't move then it's fine. If it was loose and turns then you found it.

    If the cause isn't obvious right away then what you can do is clean the bottom of the engine really well and then let it sit and see where the weeping is coming from. A dirty engine will let the oil spread out a lot and make finding the spot it's coming from difficult. Especially if it's coming from a weeping seal around the shifter shaft or output shaft. That area is usually very grungy from all the chain lube fling. It may be time to clean out that tar pit so you can find the oil leak if it seems to be coming from there.

    Along with the filter and drain bolt check the side cover bolts for loose ones. These in particular are small sized screws and only take a pinch to tighten.
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