jetting 97 gixxer 750?
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Thread: jetting 97 gixxer 750?

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    jetting 97 gixxer 750?

    Anybody ever do their own jetting on 97 SRAD GSXR750? Thinking about doing my own and could certainly use any tips, tricks or pictures. Also I hear rumors abound of an airbox mod that sounds kinda cool, anyone know about this?

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    might want to check for jetting suggestions to begin with. Not too hard on those bikes, carbs come off easily, tank is out of the way. No real trick to it, I don't think.

    I believe the airbox mod you are talking about is cutting to hole where the air comes in bigger. Apparently you should only do this on SRAD's with FI and a PC because of the way you need to adjust the fuel. Seems to me you would just need to go up a couple jets though for carb. Might be worth experiementing with, I've read the top end is EVEN BETTER once you open up the airbox. Check, I think someone from there could help you out.

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