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    led lights in these


    Okay i have these 2 lights on the rear of my bike they are way too hot when braking for a chunk of time... LIke persay at a light with a hill.. 1 week and the lens are shot. I need to replace them and thinking of redoing the inerds with 2 led lights each! Lordco has these 4 pack of led lights but im not too sure about wiring the leds up? Is it gonna foul something electrically? Or is as simple as just running them together and thats that!

    Has anyone played around with rewiring leds into the electrical system? The amps are so low im just wondering if i need to add anything???

    LED impared?

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    jus the proper pig tails for the led's. if u plan on using them as signals too, they'll flash faster due to the lower draw.
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    found this good find for anyone else!

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    Go to SMC electronics in Langley. They have led's that are wired and plug into existing motorcycle sockets. Easier and they are damn bright too.
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    emery clothing them makes them real bright

    2-3 Brightwhites per rear light in series should do the trick radio shack has all this for cheap with adding of resistors going to try this out see if 2 is going to be enuff.
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