Major Problem, I need help.
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Thread: Major Problem, I need help.

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    Major Problem, I need help.

    I was servicing my bike today for the first time since I bought it. (replacing the spark plugs and doing an oil change) And when I was draining the oil I noticed that the plug was quite difficult to get moving at first, then it kind of "broke" and started to thread out. After I let it drain and removed the old oil filter I was having a hard time getting the plug to come all the way out (felt like it was just stripped, until it finally did. When this happened I felt around the tip of where the plug threads in and there are all these metal shavings, so I'm pretty sure the last person that did a change fucked the inside threads. There was also a little bit of metal shavings in the actual oil coming out, which is scary as hell. I think it might just have occured due to the fact that someone like JB welded the threads back in when the plug wouldn't go back in? I don't know, but all I know is the plug won't thread back in, and the plug itself is completely undamaged. Does anyone know how I can tackle this problem? The bike is my main mode of transportation, and I have no idea how to solve this occurance. I think I have to re-tap the threading larger and find a bigger plug? Someone please help me with this, I have no idea... HELP.
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    do a search for stripped threads.

    You'll find that "helicoil" is the key word.

    Since you are not aware of such a device, you are not the one to remedy this repair. If you lived here you could take your bike to John and Troy at Carter in Coquitlam. They would fix it right. Is there a dealer in Terrace?

    Next, go buy a torque wrench that measure inch pounds and another one that measures foot pounds.

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    hey dude, I remember that feeling when I threaded my drain pan. I just about shit my pants right there. It's actually a pretty common problem and the helicoil is the answer.

    Your local bike shop should be able to do it for parts and half an hour of labour.
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    Sounds like the last owner screwed it up and "repaired" it just as the guys are saying. Or he may have overtightened it and left it for you to find.

    Either way it sounds like you need to rethread the pan. You can either helicoil it as mentioned or get a larger bolt size and rethread it to that size as you mention. Either way is kosher in my book. Threads don't need a LOT more metal cut away to grip quite well as long as you're carefull so you will probably find that the next size up Imperial fine thread fits nicely and retaps into the stripped hole with no drilling required. This was my solution when I had to do an emergency re-thread on my track bike the night before my racing course. I got tricky because I had the tools and rethreaded a metric head bolt with a blank upper shank to the 1/2 inch UNF fine thread to replace my stripped 10mm thread. That gave me just a hair over 1 mm of meat to thread into on either side. Hence my use of a fine imperial pitch to maximise the thread depth % of the re-thread. I used larger metric bolt and machined down the shank to prep it for the imperial die.

    In your case if the stock drain bolt is a 10mm and you can't find a place to helicoil it then you can just get a 1/2-20 UNF bolt and tap the case for it. It just means you need to keep an imperial wrench in your toolkit. You'll also need to find different crush washers for the new bolt.
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