The Shirts:

Visit the above link, then cast your vote. You can only vote once.

Thanks for all the submissions folks, and I hope we find something everyone can enjoy!

The following is the submissions, with numbers. Vote for the number you like - the top voted shirt by the end of July 31 will be printed.

Please keep in mind that these are all drafts - and final fonts for the logo, and colours may or may not have been added to the image. Also, please ignore the background colour, as the shirt will most defintetly not be white - but likely a greyish colour depending on the final design chosen (there is a slight possibility we may do multiple colours). An example would be the flames across the shirt - this would be coloured flames (but is shown in black and white).

Please vote on the shirt you'd like to see printed. These shirts will be available shortly via online, Burnaby Kawasaki, and possibly some other shops (to be determined).