Okay motor heads, here's our dyno classes for this year's rally, same as last year.
The categories as discussed:
1001cc to 1350cc
Small V Engines (750 cc and under)
Large V Engines (751 cc and up)

All of the above classes will NOT allow any sort of NON stock induction systems [turbo, blowers] or fuel additives [NOS]

Pipes, carbs, airboxes, all allowable

King of the Hill.... No holds barred: Any thing goes. That should be pretty clear.

New for this year.

Winner Take All MONEY CLASS!!

This class is completely open with a $100.00 entry fee [includes the dyno pull] with a minimum winning of $500.oo guaranteed.

All classes require the bike to be street legal and street ridable.

You could enter both the KOH and WTO classes but it would cost you two separate fees [$30.oo dyno pull for KOH and $100 fee for the WTO class]