Help with Fuel line (easy question 1982 suzuki)
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Thread: Help with Fuel line (easy question 1982 suzuki)

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    Help with Fuel line (easy question 1982 suzuki)

    this should be a simple question for most of you but I have never worked on this bike before. I noticed this morning that the fuel line has come off wherever it was attached before. It is still attached to the fuel tank, but the other end is loose. I'm not sure where exactly it should go. Perhaps right to the engine? Can someone help me out? It's probably only a 5 second fix but I have no idea. If necessary I will pay someone to come out and skytrain over to the vancouver area. My bike is a 1982 suzuki gs 650.

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    If it is the fuel line, and not the vacuum line for the petcock, there should be a fuel rail at the carb bank it hook to, I would want to know why it came off before I put it back on, and I would consider replacing the line and the clamps given the age of the bike.

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