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Thread: Ride To Work Day

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    Ride To Work Day

    Today is ride to work day, I hope everybody rode!
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    ..Just like yesterday, just like tommorrow...

    I didn't see too many bikes on the road though, maby 2 or 3..I thought there will be more today.

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    I ride to work everyday ( rain sun snow) in fact its my main ride!

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    Quote Originally Posted by treefinder
    I ride to work everyday ( rain sun snow) in fact its my main ride!
    Same here, I have no option. Until sept. anyway when my new truck comes in.

    I always pass the same bikes on the way to work.

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    I thought about it, but I work so close to home it takes longer for me to put on my gear, warm up my bike, ride, park my bike and take off my gear - compared to just walking. Plus I don't feel very secure with it parked at work.

    When I worked in Richmond I use to ride to work everyday though.
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    None right now...
    Good thing someone thought to let us know about this a day in advance. I live pretty close to work so don't usually ride, but if I had known it was ride-to-work day, I certainly would have.
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    I don't own a cage (unfortuntately, that may change in the future )).

    So, yes, I rode to work today just like every other day
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    I just got my bike back from the shop (deer damage repairs) this morning so I'll be riding it in!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harps
    I thought about it, but I work so close to home it takes longer for me to put on my gear, warm up my bike, ride, park my bike and take off my gear - compared to just walking.
    Same here I rode to work this morning, but only because I had already been out on it and it saved me from having to move my car around to put it away. Pretty much the only time I ride to work is if I'm actually going for a ride afterwards.

    Oh yeah...plus the light there rarely changes for me and no one (except people from my office) is ever smart enough to pull close enough behind me to change it even though I'm basically sitting in the crosswalk LOL. It got annoying pretty quick.
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    Yeah, my only vehicle is my current bike too so it is with me at work as usual.

    I did not notice many bikes this morning however I notice more bikes on the ride home than in the a.m. ....or maybe because on the nice days I ride home in a T-shirt and other bikers go out of their way to give me dirty looks compared with the morning ride when I wear gear?

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    It takes me way longer to get my gear on and get my bike running than the actual commute. but it's a great way to wake up...zoom! down the cut and to work! beats coffee. Plus the Jeep loves gas.
    I rode today..
    But not tommorrow, gotta tow the track bike.
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    I rode to work today

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    Bike in shop-----Called in sick!

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    Yep! Vrrooooommmmmmmmmm to work!
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    I rode to work today, only the work was in Powell River. Got to do Earl's Cove, twice, and get paid for it. The company also picked up the tab for ferries, lunch and dinner.
    And nobody on the road!
    Am I a lucky bastard or what?

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