July 29 Ride to Oregon - Newbie wants company
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Thread: July 29 Ride to Oregon - Newbie wants company

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    Question July 29 Ride to Oregon - Newbie wants company

    Looking for a nice ride along the Oregon coast. Start out Friday night around 5 pm. Bomb down to Washington and stay somewhere. Saturday continue along the coast, who knows where we end up. Stay in Oregon/Cali Sat night depending on progress. Start heading back Sunday. Stay somewhere Sunday night and bomb it home on Monday. I'm a newbie and I really don't know where to go or how to get there. Looking for some suggestions.

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    A quick way would be to ride to Olympia from the I-5. Then down the cost on the 101#. Very easy uncomplicated route to Crecent city Cali. Go down and hug a red wood. Leave yourself 4 days at the minimum for an enjoyable riding experience their and back. If I had more time I would ride down whidbey Island over to the olympic penisula and ride around the long way past Forks. You could also just ride down the Hood canal. Check ferry shcedules from keystone. The 101 will be filled with tourist.

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    Mount Saint Helens if you have time, back side, Carson to Randle if you want twisties. The OR coast will be packed as Scooter says, but it's very nice too.
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    just did a five day trip down oregon to florence sand dunes very cool....i sort of back and forthed accross washington... and oregon i wanted to see the spruce goose in mcminnville highway 4 is fantastic but did get a ticket watch washington cops ...anyway had a nice relaxing time...better to do that than rush along and miss everything

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