Accident by Langara College
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Thread: Accident by Langara College

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    Accident by Langara College

    Just heard from my girlfriend at Langara that there was an accident involving a motorcycle and a car this morning on 49th avenue by Langara College. She said it was a fatal accident...the bike is pretty tangled up and it looked like the rider smashed into the front windshield of the car. This is all second hand information so hopefully it proves to be false. If not though...


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    sigh....i live around langara area....and pass by the 49th and cambie intersection every morning....its not a particulary safe intersction givin that....the width of 49th ave is propotionally smaller than cambie, with the medium and stuff...been hearing/seeing many accident (both cars and bikes) is currently work done on the everyone please becarefull at that area....ride safe

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