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Thread: Busted bandit

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    Busted bandit

    Here is a story…

    On a sunny Tuesday afternoon (July 19th) I ride my Bandit to St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver for an ultra-sound. (no I’m not pregnant, I was referred by my family doctor after having abdominal pain). They discover that I have appendicitis. I am told to go down to the ER, “they’ll be expecting you.”

    After 4 hours of hanging out with the strung out patients in restraints it was my turn for the O.R. The surgery lasted until about 11:00pm, and after calling some people (sounding totally drunk from the general anesthetic) I was rolled down into the ICU.

    My folks can by to see me Wednesday (as they were out of town on Tuesday), and my dad offered to ride my bike home for me so it wouldn’t be stolen out of the underground (or ring up mass parking fees).

    I spent Wednesday in the hospital and was discharged this mourning. So my dad picks me up this mourning and I ask, “did you get my bike home ok yesterday?” “….{pause, I’m getting scared}…No” says my dad.

    He slow speed(ish) low-sided it right beside our house.

    Left, centre, and right front fairings
    brace that all of the above mounts to

    bar end
    clutch lever

    So now I have to decide what to do:
    1. Street-fighter it out and leave the front bare
    2. Convert to a GFS600 front (no fairing…see picture below)
    3. Pay $1100 + taxes to get it back to stock set up

    I just want to be able to ride on the highway, and not get busted for illegal turn signals and headlight.

    Where would you go for used Suzuki parts?

    Or street fighter parts?

    Does anyone know if I can mount up a headlight from a GSF600 (regular) to a GSF600S?

    Even though my Dad will pay for parts, i'd like to fix her up for $1000 or less
    Are there any bike wreakers in the lower mainland?


    1996 Bandit 600S

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    I have a set of stock signals from my 98 Gixxer ..there yours for free if they fit ? Call Super Sport in Langley ..see what parts he has ..Post up the Parts you need on this site ...Im sure In a little time your bike will be good as new !!

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    Dude, just go tip over your dad's goldwing and call it even

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    ... but it didn't get stolen though now did it?!?!

    I love the sound of an idling bike early in the morning

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    none at the moment
    This has street fighter writen all over it.
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    call Bill at 5th gear. The master at streetfighten a ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flowrider
    call Bill at 5th gear. The master at streetfighten a ride.

    do it!

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    well here is the parts list if anyone wants to donate to a needed sans-appendix biker

    Left fairing
    Right fairing
    center fairing
    headlight (and mounting assembly)
    brace (what all this stiff bolts to)
    left turn signal

    in the picture below...1,2,3,11,14,15,17,18,19

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    E-Bay has your name written all over it.
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    Get a sweet headlight like this!

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    If my dad did that to my bike, he'd be buying me new parts. A multi-day stay in the underground parking doesn't sound so expensive at all in comparison.

    Get your alignment checked too, it looks like the handlebars are tweaked in that head-on shot (your two gauges are twisted relative to one another). On a steel tube frame like that, there's always a risk of imparting a slight twist to it.

    If you planned on keeping this bike for a while, a streetfighter conversion might not be a bad idea. But if you have even the remotest thoughts about selling it in the future, your market for it will be significantly larger if it is completely stock.
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    If my dad did that to a bike I owned he'd probably laugh and say, thats payback for my vintage mustang you bastard.

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    Call Super Dave!

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    For parts, try Supersport in Langley (604) 532-0505 then try http://www.recyclemotorcycles.com/ in Alberta.

    But nothing wrong with the streetfighter look. I had my front fairing off to install a horn, it looked awesome. If I'd had a mirror solution at my fingertips at the time I would have kept it off for a while.

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