Careful for cops around UBC.
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Thread: Careful for cops around UBC.

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    Careful for cops around UBC.

    I live in Hampton Place (16th and Wesbrook) in a highrise. Since the weather has been nice, nightly I have heard bikes travelling fast down SW Marine and 16th. Since I'm up high, I can hear exhausts echoing. Maybe some of the residents have complained (I don't know).

    Tonight on my way home (approx. 11:30pm), there was a cop car on either side of 16th. You won't see them until it's too late (plus they'll hear you coming from the echoing caused by the tall trees). One started to pull out from the shoulder to follow me, but I wasn't speeding so they stopped.

    Just be on the lookout. Downside is, if you are going fast, even if you see them, they'll hear you coming first.
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    cops are freaking everywhere tonight. But i got a hoot in 190kms was my max tonight.. not telling where it was thou im sure i would be flammed

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