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    Where can I get a half decent Unicycle for a half decent price?

    I know they start around 100 bucks and skyrocket from their I'm sure.

    Know of any shops that have good deals going right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnToldFox
    Where can I get a half decent Unicycle for a half decent price?

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    None right now...
    And don't forget http://www.unicycling.org/.

    Note that for $100 you'll get something that you can toss straight into the trash. You *can* buy cheap unicycles, but you'll never learn to ride one because it'll be such a shitty ride that you'll quit. If you're even half-serious about learning to ride one, buy a good one. Your cajones will thank you.

    (Disclaimer: The above advice comes second hand from friends who have gone through the pains of learning... I've watched, but I haven't tried it myself although i've always wanted to)
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    A unicycle, eh? Well, what does one expect from someone who reads a blatantly inferior community newspaper and then brags about it in his title.
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