Own a 94 CBR900 RR? Help me please
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Thread: Own a 94 CBR900 RR? Help me please

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    Own a 94 CBR900 RR? Help me please

    Needing your help if you have a 94 cbr900rr!

    Okay boys i was at carter honda for a fak of a long time trying to get a straight answer.

    Oh and the bolt that was used that broke off was a grade 3 bolt so it hopefully will come out easy? Im going to try everything but my worst fear is that it was the wrong threads??? If thats it then im gonna have some issues And will be dealing with it this fall winter when shes sitting in the apartment getting torn down...

    Need someone who has a 94 CBR900RR to tell me this:
    Question is i have a bolt (just 1) on the right hand side that mounts the frame to engine under the gas tank. Its the longer of the 3 bolts //other side.. It is being ordered with a shim? Been told all honda cbr 94 under have this shim on that side? Im wondering what the fak is going on? Looked at the microfische ?? And a manual it says nothing kinda hard to follow but still nothing said about a shim... The guys at carter said it has to have a shim for the gap like i thought as well. Oh fak it im going to get a picture and post it up so you guys can see this...


    The left handed side of bike -SIde thats good.

    The right handed side that has me concerned?

    Another shot of the right handed side!

    Shot from the good side to backside showing the bolt grade 3 in the magnesium case! Hope it comes out fine?
    Okay with these pictures you can see what im dealing with? Right hand side does it need a shim? Does it take a shim? Any other 94 cbr900rr owners help me out..

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    You need the shim, if not you'll distroy the mount post. It's about 1/4 thick aluminum spacer. I have a few of them.

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    Ahhhhhhhhh billy the savior you around today and sunday prob not huh.. The guy I came out with that day needs some work done as well more work from you.. Plus im gonna come and get some tires soon off you pilot race tires...
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