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    Question women's plus-size gear

    Hi all...New to the scene, and am having a really hard time finding women's street bike gear (jackets with armor) that fit. Women's XL are fitted way smaller than the usual "xl" you find in womens clothing stores, and guys jackets are designed for broad shoulders narrow hips, not the other way around

    I generally wear about an 18...but as we all know not all sizes are created equal...has anyone else had this problem...and solved it somehow? (somewhere!?)

    You can either pm or email me if you can help!

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    Women's gear is notoriously difficult to fit, no matter what size you wear, so I feel your pain. Your best bet is probably to have leathers custom made (expensive!!), but you may be able to have men's leathers altered for you. Good luck!

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    Hi Tara,

    Yeah I know what you mean. I was just lucky enough to get something that fit me. The problem I had was I was very tall 6ft actually, so I honestly didn't think that I'd find something out there. But I was lucky and found a 2 piece that fit by Alpinestars. Maybe that might work for you as well.

    Or perhaps get a jacket that fits, then find the same brand in pants that fit. My other suggestion is that you get something in a mans small or medium size and then you could get them altered.

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    I was fortunate enough to find some women's leather gear (albite it wasn't for riding, not a motorcycle anyway) and i'm 6'5" 250lbs. Keep looking you should find what you're looking for!

    But really if all else fails, go custom... www.imleathers.com makes REALLY nice stuff and fully custom and only slightly more (or less depending on brand) than an off-th-shelf brand.
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    I tried on a 2 piece Dainese suit a few days ago. Jacket fit awesome, couldn't have asked for any better fit..... I get the pants on, and the knee sliders are about two inches above my knees. I dunno if they realize that not everyone has the average leg length. I was a little disappointed but the people working there had a good giggle when I stepped out of the fitting room.

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