Help finding some good grips,
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Thread: Help finding some good grips,

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    Help finding some good grips,

    Well I have been surfing ebay, and well quite honestly I don't have a clue what would look good on my bike, and how much I should spend.

    I was thinking around $30, and would like something with some chrome on them to match my headlights. They would be for 7/8 bars 81 Seca 750

    Do you guys have any suggestions? After riding about 2 hours with the current grips my hands can't feel anything and I have a hard time holding on, so something that reduces vibration would be good too.

    Thanks for any help!

    BTW I know the bike is an oldy, LOL please don't hold that against me.

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    The only grips with chrome on them are the metal ones for cruisers AFAIK. And if you're looking for vibration damping then you don't want metal grips in the first place. Check out the gel grips from Progrip. They really make a difference to the vibe issue. They also make two layer grips with a colored inner layer that sticks to the bars. The color shows through the cutouts in the softer outer layer. If they have a color to match your bike they may be just what you want.
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    Wow thanks, definally going to check into that.

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    What Tee Tee said. They were undoubtably the best investment/upgrade that I made for my bike.
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