Need old BMW electrical help
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Thread: Need old BMW electrical help

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    Need old BMW electrical help

    A friends older BMW buzzez a relay when the ignition and headlight are on but the bike has not yet been started. He replaced the relay, same symptom. I've tried to tell him it's a warning buzzer to remind him to switch the headlight off until he starts the motor (yes, it's that old) but he's not buying it. Any experience out there? Thanks.

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    Does the headlight have full brightness before starting the bike? I'm wondering if it's a headlight relay. The other thing to look at since he's replaced it once is if there's more than two connections to the module. If there are only two or maybe three connections then it could easily be a buzzer. A control relay needs at least 4 connections. Two for the coil and one each for in and out. It's possible that the coil uses the case and mounting screw for the ground return but that means there needs to be three connections since the in and out still must be separate. Testing to see if the coil runs to the case would tell you.

    A year and model would help.
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