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    new rider same old questions

    here it comes another newbie with the same question as the rest....what would be a good first bike ? I want a sport bike, but i dont think thats going to happen seeing as how i am 6'7. I have been talking to people and sitting on their bikes, my friends GSXR600 is way too small, my friends 600CBR is a lil better, and i come close to fitting on a katana600. I probably would fit better on a 1000cc bike ( i have been looking at Suzuki TL1000R ) but this is my first bike and i have no riding expierience. Therefore a 1000 = suicide. In fact i know many that say a 600 is too much bike for a beginer and i wouldnt be one to argue. So here it is bottom line.... whats going to be the best beginer bike for me (being 6'7) where i can still go out riding with my friends ( who all have sportbikes), but one thats still forgiving for a begining rider ?

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    A Suzuki Banit 600 Would be a good choice. Don't think they still make them but they have a tonne of room, handle great at street pace and can wheelie like crazy (once you learn how to ride it!!!!). Should be able to find a good used one since most of the guys the bought them would not have beaten on them. My
    Just like a twig, your leg will snap if you smash it into a wall with a 400 Lb bike @ 100+ Km/h. So just don't do it!

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    triumph daytona 650 ? thoughts comments..... i know 600 is a lil much for a first bike but i have been doing more research, seems like tall guys fit good on these bikes. Is this bike pretty forgiving ?

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    Did you read the Sticky's at the top of the forum?

    Try a dual sport. They may be a much better fit for you given your hight.

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    A motard would fit you; be good to learn on; could easliy hang with your buddies in the twisties; and they are very, very cool.

    Suzuki is now producing a ready-made motard (DR-Z400SM) as are some other manufacturers (but Suzuki would be the best bang for the buck).

    Look at it--need I say more?

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