pulling plugs from a 99 zx6r?
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Thread: pulling plugs from a 99 zx6r?

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    pulling plugs from a 99 zx6r?

    I was trying to change my plugs over the weekend and the head is on a slant facing forward and theres no way to get a socket down inside the head to pull the plug.. I got one in barly but couldnt get my driver on it.. what tool have you used to do this?

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    I have the same bike and just changed my plugs the other day. Check out my thread on this. you'll have to do one of 2 things, buy a spark plug tool (the ones with the rubber ends work ok, you can find them at cdn tire,lordco etc) or buy an extension and a rotating adapter. I used a 3" and 6" extension and the adapter and had no probs. good luck!

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    use the socket supplied in the tool kit(if not borrow one) and put a 17mm socket on the top of it.take out the rubber ram air tubes as well(makes it easier)

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