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    Angry DL On Probation!!

    Anyone else recieve one of those letters from Ministry of highways stating you are on probation? *#@! I just got one today, I am on probation until Feb,03 this really pisses me off. I consider myself a good driver, after all I do have a road star. I have not had a ticket in the last 6 months or more...........

    I might have to keep my eyes peeled for the next six months!

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    All right, I'll bite. How the hell can you get yourself on probabtion without getting any tickets and being a Road Star type????????

    Doesn't the probation notice go with some charges and poiints? Or did you get hit with a streetracing charge?
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    ya I don't get it either
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    I had one of those letter a long time ago, properly when I first go my MC license.
    He Properly mean that you are on probabtion until the set time
    and if you get one more tickets or charges within these period,your licsnse will be taken away.
    so watch out and dont get caught again,otherwise the cops will take your DL one the site and if there are no one travelling with you with a valid DL , they will impound the car/bike.

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    Ya, I've had one to for me it actually made me really slow down. Basically if you get more then 6 points in 2 years they'll mail may mail you one.

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    write them a letter, worked for me

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    How do you get docked points? Can you be penalized for points for getting a parking ticket? ie. by impark? *ahem ahem*

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    heya! well, the only way to get points is to brealk a motor vehicle law! 2 or 3 Points come with most motor vehicle infractions and can only be given to you by those pesky boys in blue!! ICBC makes you pay out al your points or elses they wont renew you liscence! I always find the points always cost more than the actull ticket itself!

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