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    opinions on gear

    it seems we are getting more and more sad news about accidents, and so I want to update my gear to keep me safer.

    any opinions on where is a good place to go for selection and advice? do you have a preference in brands? do some offer more than others in safety and in value?

    I'm thinking one-piece leathers. But i'm on a supermoto, do you think that will look dumb? lol, maybe I should stick to a two piece, but what are the real differences in safety when it comes to one-piece vrs two-piece? When it comes down to it, i'd rather be safe than sexy, but if possible- do both!?

    I'm 5'9 about 120lbs. I'm wondering if there are any tips on fitting into leathers that other women riders could give me pointers on. For example, what should I look for, and try to avoid.

    lots of questions here, huh... thanks for your input, gals!
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    Well, I'm not a 'gal' but I'll give you my input Katie...

    As far as the Supermoto with the 1pce leathers... Do it. That's typically what I wear. Throw some mx boots and a dirtbike helmet on with the leathers and you'll look the tits. (err...so to speak)

    But a 2-pce may be better. Especially if you do a lot of street riding, and you want to sit down and have lunch or a coffee half way through your ride. Or just so you have the jacket to wear seperately with jeans if you want to.

    When I was street riding more, I really liked the 2pce. But as I started doing more trackriding, and less street duty, the 1pce has been better. Your call.
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    I don't know enough about SuperMoto but I can tell ya:

    [Press PLAY for rant here ]: I bought a 2-pc Joe Rocket suit ["GPX" model], along with the matching gloves... and both suck. Threads are already coming loose in various places in the suit; the 'wind channel' air in-takes on the shoulders are already pulling back off the glue [looks like I must be ridin' at 400kph all day] and the snaps at the waist came off twice already. And the low-ish collar is suede like... rough on the skin. The gloves: palm area re-inforcements are sewn across the upper palm in such a way so as to guarantee blisters. Every time. My other Joe Rocket stuff in the past was good - but this suit -IMHO- isn't. That said, I've seen a lot of these suits out there and their owners tell me they're happy with it. Maybe mine was made on a Friday afternoon [?].

    Lesson learned: I'll never again factor the "price-point" so high on my list of considerations. Yes, price IS always a consideration ...but ought not be too high on the list of priorities. My bad.
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