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    Carb. removal

    Ok, well I managed to get 4 washers courtesy of John @ Bomax free of charge.

    Now in my service manual it says to remove the carbs. I need to drain the coolant, is that necessary Bruce ? I am assuming the 9R and 6R carb. designs are the same

    also once I get to the needle do I simple stick the new washer on top of the old washer and put everything back together ?

    and unfortunately for the new 6R there is only one needle so if I want a bigger size I would have to get a jet kit....
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    To just add shim washers to the needles you don't even need to pull the carbs. On my 9R I just take off the tank and airbox and leave the plate holding the bell mouths in place. From there I can get all the vacumn diaphragm covers off. You may have to use a special length of Phillips screwdriver to avoid the handle fouling parts of the frame but that's it.

    Remove the top cover and then the diaphragm and spring can come out and you can pull off the little center cap and the needle will drop out with or without the single original washer. Add the shim between the stock washer and the needle end and replace all the stuff.

    Just be careful handling and reseating the diaphragm. It's very thin and doesn't like force. You don't want to rip it. Also I like to keep the springs and stuff in the same carbs just in case there are some minor differences in spring rates and all that where the jetting is set for that part. Just do one at a time and you can't go wrong.

    For the main jets you will have to drain the carbs and pop the whole assembly out of the rubber joiner manifolds. On my 9R I then just unhook the plug to the throttle position sensor and a tube and flip the whole thing over right in place.

    NOTE- THE FIRST THING YOU WILL DO AFTER POPPING THE CARBS LOOSE IS LAY A CLOTH OVER THE HEAD PORTS. The results of a small part or screw falling unnoticed into the head and onto a valve don't need any elaboration I hope.........

    I have NO idea why you would need to drain the coolant unless they are describing HEAD removal or the 600 is set up much different from the 900.
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