note for parking ur bike
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Thread: note for parking ur bike

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    note for parking ur bike

    Got off work today, started the bike... "hm.. why is the bike so much lower...." Look down, my kickstand sunk 3 inches into the cement.

    I know this doesn't happen to often to us over here since it ain't that hot compared to the California. For those who park their bike on black cement roads all day long or during the hot summer hours, use a pop can, hockey puck, bathroom tile..etc. I don't have any of these so i'm using a cheez wiz can cover for now. It works wonders.

    we are talking about parking during the hours from 12-5:00 in the hot cement floor... dont' worry about it if u're just getting a coffee at Squamish.

    that is all
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    asphalt is our worst enemy on a hot day
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    Yeah notice that a lot too. Sucks.

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    That happened to me today. It was kinda weird seeing my kickstand stuck an inch into the ground.

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    Sniveling little point but kickstands sink into asphalt, not cement.
    Many a bike has fallen down while parked on asphalt so be sure to take precautions.
    That's probably the best use I've heard for cheeze-wizz.

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    Alot of dealers have free or cheap kick-stand pucks for that purpose. I got a free one in a british bike magazine as well as a yamaha one from Western Powersports.
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    mine sunk in gravel the other day...thought it seemes sturdy enough when i left.....fucked up the left side fairing....damn

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    This is a common issue on the prairies (many 25+ days). Most riders keep a little piece of wood under their seats and slip it under the kick when parking. Works very well.

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    carry a puck with you or something square and thick or just park on hard cement.

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    None right now...
    fwiw, this does not happen on cement or concrete, just heat-sensitive materials like asphalt, pavement, whatever you call it. Cement and concrete are stable at temperatures we're likely to ride in.
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    happenned to me on the was the morning it was still cool outside so i figured there'd be no problems. the asphalt was ridiculously cheap and my stand punched a hole 3" deep and ended up caving in an area 4" around...sucked...cracked a fairing, could've been scratches...just the crack...SUCK

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    I hate asphault.

    The roads around town are freaking terrible to drive.
    The city is getting real cheap man!
    Heat + weight of cars sitting on it causes some serious bum-Page so careful if you bombing around this crapoh---> S2S highway (ehhh-hummmm) Even setting up forks and rear all cushy like, the bumps are killing my fiberglass tail piece (cracked!) and smashing my wrists to hell. Noticed it in the pathfinder but really noting it on the bike!

    We have no good roads to ride anymore or i need linderman to redo my front forks asap...

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