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Thread: rivet vs clip

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    rivet vs clip

    i have a 95 ZX600C and it's about time to replace the chain. looks like there's a swing to going with rivet link chains but 1) i don't have the special tool and 2) i'm not paying anyone to install a chain for me.

    my bike only makes around 60-70 hp, so what can i do to ensure i don't get stranded somewhere by using a clip link instead of the rivet link? oh yeah, i'm also changing my gearing to 14/43 (stock is 15/39).

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    Use Norwegian racing twine or safety wire to wire the clip in place.


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    If you use a clip link Make sure that the clip is pointing in the right direction for starters. It'll say on the instructions that come with your chain. You can just put some sillicone on the clip to ensure it doesn't somehow fly off or get rubbed off by the chain guide.

    I was in the interior when my chain fell apart at a stoplight. I happened to be right next to Kamloops Yamaha when it happened(praise da lord!). Mechanic told me that clip type master links will come off when your chain guide wears it thin enough to be picked off. Then when you are rolling the bike backwards in the garage or something, the chain guide will neatly pull the clip off the masterlink.
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    Rivet is the closest thing to the stock endless chain that came with the bike new, use the rivet.

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