Battery, reg or stator f*kd?
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Thread: Battery, reg or stator f*kd?

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    Unhappy Battery, reg or stator f*kd?

    Hey guys.. The first problem started after some rain poured on my bike (cold weather too) and the battery was almost dead, so I jump started it and it worked (although it worked roughly because of the wet pavement -that´s another story- ... the day after, again.. near dead battery, jump started it again. Yesterday it didn´t have energy even for starting and I noticed like all the battery juice got out of it.. I refilled with distylled water and charged all night, but it still won´t start or jumpstart. The key does open the circuit and the oil light comes in, but no headlights, and when I try to start it all I can hear is a "click" but not more.
    PLease help!!!

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    I'm thinking your battery is being overcharged, due to a faulty voltage regulator. You should check them with a voltmeter, but you'll likely have to replace both.

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    Dead battery for sure. Running it low or dry sure didn't help either.

    Replace battery first then check the running voltage for 14 to 15 when revved to about 4 to 6K. If it goes higher than 15 at the 6K mark then the regulator is toast like MM says. If it doesn't get up to 13.7 to 14 at all then the wiring, regulator or stator have problems.

    Get the battery first. You need it anyway and a fresh battery on the bike will allow you to test the regulator.
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    Torthen, I was about to tell you where to have your electrical problems fixed, but then I see you're in Mexico. Anyway, the "click" that you hear sounds like the battery is so dead that it barely has enough voltage to pull the solenoid ... sounds like it's a goner, old boy.

    I will highly recommend that, unless you're planning to deal the bike in the next year or so, scout around and fond an Odyssey dry cell.

    Here in the Vancouver area, get your bike over to Polar Battery on Boundary road. These guys are experts in battery technology and will diagnose your electrical system. If you need a battery, they will sell you anything from the run-of-the-mill lead acid right on up to the exotic space shuttle stuff. They will explain the expected life span, what causes failures and how to prevent them and so on. It's your choice of what to put in. Me, I spurng for an Odyssey and I swear but it ...

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