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    New 2257 Regulations

    This bill is so very fakked!

    The number 2257 might not mean much to you unless you already create porn for a living, but newly revised US Department of Justice rules regulating the ways adult content is distributed on the web (particularly the way “secondary producer” is defined) are going to effect all of us rank-and-file horndogs in some way sooner or later. Is this the beginning of the end of web smut as we know it, or are adult media watchdogs like AVN getting their panties in a bunch over nothing? We’ll know more when the new statutes go into effect next month; in the meantime, any porn-friendly First Amendment lawyers out there willing to share their perspective on the ensuing brouhaha are welcome to contact us. (Or at least bake us a cake with a file in it when we’re imprisoned for ten years for publishing a 150x100 pixel thumbnail image of naked boobies without the proper documentation.)

    A result to bush in action?

    18 USC 2257

    The government is mandating that we meet certain bookkeeping requirements, ones impossible to meet for this site. Never mind that those requirements do not actually gain the public anything. This is the strongest attack on free speech since the passage of the CDA, and oddly, the media seems to have hardly noticed. The penalty for not abiding by these bookkeeping requirements is five years prison.

    The regulations were promulgated by Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General appointed by George Bush. If you voted for Bush, this is your fault. If you think this country is free, you are sadly mistaken. No nation has freedom when it is run by religious zealots.

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