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    mission noise bylaw

    here is a link to the noise bylaw for Mission.


    I have had a lawyer friend read the bylaw and it is probably not enforceable. As it stands motorcycles, boats and snow mobiles could be banned but as I said not likely enforceable the problem is the residents probably read the bylaw and litteraly interupt it to mean that if they are disturbed in any way they can have the offending noise terminated. It would take a lawsuite launched by Mission against in this case Ron Farmer and I would speculate it is not a place he wants to go and who would pay for it. In the end it would probaly result in Mission hiring a battery of lawyers to draft a noise bylaw that is enforceable so all you do is delay the inevitable.

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    You're probably right. And if it comes down to such a case costing money then you know where we would be.

    The current position, and I think it's a good one, is to try to be more Catholic than the Pope and reduce our audible presence to the point that we can safely say that we are the quietest user out there and see where that goes.

    If such a case ever had to go to court we may win or we may not. But either way we would loose as it would only alienate the motorcycle racers even more than we are now. And eventually that would come back to haunt us.
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