need help with chain
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Thread: need help with chain

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    need help with chain

    my chain is making a rather unusual noise when i spin the rear wheel on a stand. I can also hear it riding at slow speed. I tried adjusting the chain slack but it still makes the noise.

    could it be that the chain needs replacing? I have around 20K on it. any other possibilities?


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    Not sure how long a chain lasts, depends how had you are on it and if you clean and lube it, I suppose.

    But I've had mine for 3 weeks now and it makes noise. You can hear it especially when riding next to a concrete no-post barrier when the sound reflects back at you.

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    I just replaced my original RK chain with 50,256km on it.I used wd-40 for small hops and PJ-1 Blue Label for weekend or week long rides.
    You should be able to get at least 30k from a good quality chain.

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    as long as you have done the slack properly, the next thing is, how dry is the chain. Depending on the bike, speed, and times in the rain, it needs some lube about every 500 km. {Wd40 doesn't do squat (sorry Auger!), it just washes the lube form the chain, as it's more a cleaner than a lubricant. }That's why it's so flamable!! The 500km average changes with every bike and rider, that's just the average. A chain, well maintained, should last at least 30,000km, on any bike. If it's lubed, check the alignment. Sometimes the marks on the swingarm ar way off.
    If you are sure all is well with the chain and adjustment, check the rear wheel bearings, or take it to someone. Swingarm bushings that are worn out will also screw up the chain. be careful.
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    How clean is your chain? Are there lots of bits n pieces of grime and debris?
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