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    Headsets and Helmets

    I've read a couple of threads that kinda discuss this issue, but I'm still looking for a definitive answer for a couple of questions.

    1. I've been looking at the Jabra BT250. It shows that the controls are on the earpiece itself. Isn't it kind of hard to access those controls when you have a helmet on? Or can you control it via controls on the phone? Also, what about features like voice activated dialing, call waiting, or even just picking up when it rings?

    2. What phone is best for going with a headset like the BT250? Preferably something that can be worn on the hip/belt and be capable of voice activated dialing. Not sure if this is even possible, but any input/advice would be appreciated.

    3. How bad is wind noise with the BT250 headset? Any headsets have a throat mike, either wired or wireless?

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    1) I've had the BT200 but that was before I got into the bike so I've never used it with a helmet. It will work the same as any other headset. You can control it either from the buttons on the earpiece or from the phone.

    2) If the phone is Bluetooth compatible and supports voice-activation then the headset will work with it. The first phone I used the BT200 with was on a non-Bluetooth phone. The BT200 came with an adapter but then you do not get all of the features you would with a Bluetooth phone.

    3) The BT200 was pretty bad with wind noise. I've been looking at the BT800 that has improved noise cancellation and a few other interesting features. A bit pricey but you can get a better price on e-Bay.

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