Just Saw the Movie: "Gladiator" Recently
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Thread: Just Saw the Movie: "Gladiator" Recently

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    Just Saw the Movie: "Gladiator" Recently

    I never saw the movie Gladiator when it was in theatres or pay per view or whatever, but my co-worker let me borrow his DVD and I must say the movie absolutely rocks , one of my all time favourites right up there with LOTR. If you haven't seen it (you probably have since I'm the only loser that doesn't watch many movies ), then go down to Blockbuster and rent it atleast once. Before I saw it, I thought it's just another mindless fighting movie (which could be a good thing ), but the story really touched me.

    And my girlfriend bought me my own copy too hehe (thanx sweetie ).

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    Blockbuster sucks my toe!...The movie is one of my favorites too...It's the kind of movie that makes you get a tatoo and turn your life around.
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    That was a good one wasn't it.

    I know it 's a old classic but you might try Ben Hur with Charleton Heston in it. A lot of the same story line.
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    Gladiator rocks!

    Floman: you really let movies influence you, don't ya?

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    yup, battle scene in the beginning absoutley kicks ass

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