Scooters everywhere, no sportbikes!!! Key West
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Thread: Scooters everywhere, no sportbikes!!! Key West

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    Scooters everywhere, no sportbikes!!! Key West

    Well i'm in Key West Florida and it rocks. everyone rides scooters, a couple of harleys and i saw 2 - 04 R1's and some CBR's. Stupid to have a sportbike, no twisty roads. also too damn hot, nobody wears helmets or gear. looking forward to getting back to BC. golfing tomorrow, temp is in the 90's and very humid. time to drink

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    Yup, I was just there at the beginning of June.. It is quite interesting how everyone rides either bikes around or has scooters.. Just beacuse its not a big area and you can easily walk around.. It was like that in many places in the Bahamas, barely any cars around and scooters.. and yeah its so humid down there when you walk outside it sticks to you and its all icky.. Oh well, nice place though..

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