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    handle bar bolts

    hey..i need to raise my handle bars even more so im going to add som 3/4 inch blocks of aluminum under the clamp...so il need longer bolts

    my question is if i use grade 8 bolts will that be bad...would they use a lower grade bolt for any reason other than its just cheaper


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    Handle bars are not a highly loaded mechanical joint so pretty much any grade 5 standard hardware will be fine. But if your bar clamps are set up for allen cap screws then go for the Grade 8 stuff.

    But there are actually block style risers available for tubular handlebars. They lift the bars about 3/4 of an inch and have a half round lower key that fits into the bar notch in the existing upper triple clamp or bar mount. Then they come with the right bolts.

    But if this is for a super moto then why not shop for bars with more rise? The bars are usually $60 for Acerbis or similar and $80 for Renthal. Bar risers are more like $100.

    If you make your own from block aluminium and there's no part that extends down into the old bar saddle then be sure you maintain 1/4 inch of material at the thinnest part of the saddle cutout in the risers.
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    thanks i knew you would have the right answer TEETEE

    i think il look through ktms hard parts catalogue because i remember seeing some risers in there now that i think about it

    i already picked up a set of renthal bars a few weeks ago and they helped a fair bit but i still need a little more height

    i wonder if i got some RG3 clamps..i think they come with a bar clamp that is pretty high up...i have been wanting to off set my forks a little...


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    I have a set of risers for the KTM ..

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    Just to ask a silly question, Are the KTM's not metric???

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