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    Parking in General

    Went riding today to Crescent Beach and found parking to be a challenge..

    What are the allowable limitations of parking in areas like Crescent Beach? There are seperate stalls for bikes there, but there appears to be a lot of riders that share stalls (for cars) and what not.. Just wondering what is allowable for bikes in general for parking in areas like this... And how many of you actually pay for the stall spots if you are sharing or "butting" in on someone's spot?... I ended up squeezing in beside a car's stall who had plenty of space on either side, so I did...

    So in general... What do you do to park in heavily traffic areas/paid meter stall situations?

    Also.. saw a yellow ZX6R I believe, (in among many riders) and I wondered if that was 'Furious', since that's your avatar....

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    I've always shared a stall with 2 or 3 buds at crescent and we share the cost or just hang around the area. I've never seen a meter maid there. My motto is usually, if you can't see it, don't park it there. Calculated risks everywhere nowadays with the municipalities stepping up parking patrols
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