One good eye and a hangover
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Thread: One good eye and a hangover

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    One good eye and a hangover

    Riding a bike over 50 kms to get home
    with a seriously injured left eye and a hangover
    is not conducive to riding.

    In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I injured my left eye
    due to an old-fashioned street fight.

    Which was a stupid thing for me to do, considering
    the other guy was half my age and I was drunk.

    It was the grand opening of my friend's bar and it was the end
    of the night, the crowd spilled outside and the natives were restless.
    This one guy started trash talking my friend's bar and his wife and
    some of the other women that were in our company.

    I told the Dude to shut up and he told me to come over and make him,
    thinking I was still a young teenager and with liquid courage I stepped up.

    He decided to take the first swing and I started defending myself,
    we were trading blows and I managed to land a couple of good ones.
    But like any fight it only lasts a few seconds, it came to an end when he landed a good one just over my left eye and split it open like a can of tuna. Sure enough the blood started flowing like a fountain, funny
    how much blood you have in your face.

    I knew I was seriously hurt, as the punch shook me and my knees buckled, but I managed to stand my ground and I did not go down.
    I knew if I did, it would be a much worse fate for me.

    Luckliy for me the crowd broke the two us apart and my friend's wife
    tried to stop the bleeding my pressing her hand against my eye.
    Poor girl got more blood over her, than I did on myself.
    Then the guy's girlfriend jumped on her and started pulling her hair,
    until someone took the girl off her.

    By then the cops showed up, threw the guy in the paddy wagon, my friends took me back into the bar and my friend and the manager tended to my gashing wound trying to stop the bleeding, while also trying to calm me down as I was still full of adreneline and excited.

    The cops asked me if I wanted to press charges against my opponent as he was the one who started the fight, but I declined telling the police it was a fair fight and I lost, plus I should have walked away.

    The ambulance showed up and took me to the hospital, after a short waiting period, the caring nurse and good doctor patched me up with several stitches and tetanus shot for good measure.

    The next morning was a challenge, with my left eye swollen shut
    and a pounding headache and too few hours of sleep, I had to ride my bike over 50kms down the 401 to get home to London.

    That was the wrose condition I have ever been in while riding my bike,
    it is not recommended.

    Julia always told me to enjoy life, because you never know when it wil be your last day.

    This is why I have decided to quit drinking, I have a drinking problem
    and it is now been made painfully aware to me that I need help.
    I will gladly accept it now, as I know I cannot face this new challenge alone.

    I am not sure why I decided to share this with you, I guess because I still feel that my fellow Vromies and BCSB are my family, even though I am no longer in Vancouver. Also because Julia used to always be there for me, she always listened to my rantings and going on's, as did Bog and many more of my good Vrom friends and BCSB members.

    Thanks for letting me be part of your community.

    Vromie and former BCSB in London

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    Thanks for sharing! Fabulous insight as well. I used to live/ride in Vancouver, but now live/ride in the Yukon so I think of BCSB as family as well, so in that regard - we're in the same boat.

    AA is a good place to go for drinking problems. I attend Alanon - which is for co-dependants to alcoholics. Growing up in a family where my mother drank secretly and my father was a ''dry drunk'' the family was a typically run alcoholic family. So my conditioning to be co-dependant came early and stayed. Alanon helps me deal with this. It gives me a place to dump all my trash and then get out into the world fresh. As well, it means I've got work to do. But, never scared of a challenge - this doesn't bother me.

    Hope your journey to become sober starts today. Call AA. (I didn't mean for that to rhyme!) Good luck and keep us posted!


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    i dont know whats worse, that bastard fighting you, or his wife attacking someone who is helping you, what the fuck is that all about. Stupid fuckig bitch.

    thats just retarded, they obiously didnt know how to let something go, fuck, too bad someone didnt ''remove her'' with extreme prejudice.

    fuck crazy sons of bitchs.

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    the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
    Hope future's bright for you and hope you keep on riding safe.

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    Thanks for the support!

    Thanks guys and girl!

    I appreciate your support and kind words!

    It means alot to me, I wish I was back in Vancouver
    to receive it first hand.

    Take Care!

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    Ya dumb Frenchman!
    Didn't we teach you anything here in's a street fight? nads,neck,nose.... anything goes!
    Seriously,Denis i hope you can find help thru AA or what ever you need to get that monkey off your back.
    You just have to take it one day at a time.

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    should have laid the boots to the whippersnapper. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm boxing i miss it

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    You were too pretty anyway. Now your modelling career is in shambles Denis.

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    Chicks dig scars.

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    Ha! Ha!

    Very funny guys,

    Always appreciate those comments from the peanut gallery.

    By the way Doug, congrats on your Trials victory, way to go Dude!


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    Aug. 31st my one month anniversary
    since I last took a swig from the bottle.

    Also since the last time I took a swing
    at somebody in a fight.

    My eye has since healed and I have a pretty cool
    scar now, although I fear it will be a constant reminder
    at just how far over the line I went, geez could not even
    walk a straight line that night.
    Ha! Ha!

    This long weekend will be a big challenge for me,
    as I ride back to la belle province of Quebec.

    All my family and friends like to drink, so I know the
    temptation will be strong.
    They will tease me, that's for sure!
    But hopefully I can stand up to them and stand my ground.

    I am hoping for the best!


    Hope you all have a nice long weekend!

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    Stay strong, man. You have a good weekend too!
    Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield
    Sparring speed is a matter of simple physics:
    The height of your flight is inversely proportionate to the mass of your ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducden
    My eye has since healed and I have a pretty cool
    scar now, although I fear it will be a constant reminder
    at just how far over the line I went
    look at the scar as a reminder that you went over the line, but was lucky enough to survive it. the scar is the new line you don't cross.

    you are still breathing, can still see out of both eyes, and can recount the tale without memory gaps. a win win deal to me.

    you've learned, you lived. and will continue to live.

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    I made it!

    Thanks for all the support guys!

    Hey SpideRider, I know you are french, so "Merci, mon frere".

    I made it through the long weekend staying sober.
    Despite my brother-in-law bugging me with his cold
    Labatt's Honey Beer, it was tempting.

    But I got my revenge back when I took him for a ride
    on my Rockster in the backroads of Casselman, Ont.
    scared the shit out of him on a tight right hand corner,
    in my true hooligan fashion!

    He was white as a ghost!
    Ha! Ha!

    All in all I did not miss getting drunk,
    had a great time riding the twisty highways with it's hills, (collines de Perkins)
    near my parent's place in Quebec.

    I wasn't hung over for once in the morning.

    Ha! Ha!


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    I told myself that I wasn't going to drink beer for at least a month after the long weekend because I looked at my bank statement and was like . So, last friday I decided to try out wine, ended up drinking 2 bottles of red wine in an hour or two. Puked my face off, Saturday went boating and thought to myself, I can't bring frickin wine boating thats just stupid! So I ended up buying lite beers, then went to the bar and spent a shitload of money on beer. Drank beer all day yesterday and got wasted, woke up this morning on my buddies couch and a few hours late for work. So in the end, I lasted 1 day with no beer drinking. Damn....I guess all theres left to do is drink more beer!!

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