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    Free Dual Pentium Pro computer

    To a good home, or any home, or maybe even the landfill (heaven forbid!) a Dual Pentium Pro computer with Tyan MB, 96MB EDO RAM, 4GB HDD, Video and LAN Card, Gateway 2K mini tower desktop ATX case, keyboards, mouse, and a bunch of cables (LAN, Serial).

    Matched 233MHz CPUs (well they are labeled 200MHz but we all know the later ones were 233 as is the motherboard and while the CPUs have thousands of hrs of use none of it has been at 200).

    Loaded with Linux Redhat (and some instructions on getting it to boot).

    Can you imagine owning a 32bit, 233MHz, Dual CPU system for no money? I guess that would have sounded better 10yrs ago, LOL.
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    Already claimed. I guess the price was right.

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