Crosswinds...ahh! quit trying to push me over!
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Thread: Crosswinds...ahh! quit trying to push me over!

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    Crosswinds...ahh! quit trying to push me over!

    Hey crew - so i was riding this weekend and it got a little stormy on monday and the winds really picked up. I had experienced a bit of crosswinds pushing me around before, but this whole gusting experience was new - had just leaned into a corner - nothin crazy - but then this cross wind hit me and it felt like it was going to take the bike right out from under me. I actually don't remember my response - and then again got hit with a big gust on a straighter section and had to lean it pretty hard to stay straight. Whats the deal? anyone ever been knocked over by a big gust? off the road? and whats the best way to deal with 'em? i'll be headng to alberta (not so excited about that) soon and it'll be an issue there....

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    same thing happened to me yesterday coming home from the Hope-princeton. The winds were so strong i didnt feel safe doing more then 160km/h in the straights, and i took it super slow in the corners.
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    Had an uncle killed on a bicycle from this and as a result read a fair bit into it... best way to counter act it (without heavily modifying your bike) is to make yourself and your bike as rounded as possible in the wind, ride slower in windy conditions looking for areas that may be gusty and watch road position, and if possible get behind/beside a vehicle that can break the wind for you if possible (minivans are wonderful for this, though slow as they generally are) while keeping a fair bit of space... and stay way from tailgating semi's

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    My last high wind experience was on th #1 between Lytton and Hope. Severe head winds. My hands got tired from holding on for dear life. Full tuck position was needed. Besically, hug the tank and pray. If you can turn the bike well, tuck in. If you are in the city, I'd advise against it as it can drastically reduce the speed you can turn. Cross winds are simple. Lean into the wind a little. Just a little less than equilibrium, if possible. This way, if it suddenly stops or switches directions, you can easily compensate. Relax a little as well. The bike will inherently go straight...

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    Try it out on a 2 lane road when out of no where bam your in the incoming lane traffic pointed at you.... Thats wicked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamen rider
    I heard a tip about sticking a knee out to act as a rudder in the wind but I haven't tried it out... and I don't remember which knee.

    Sticking a knee out helps by creating drag to one side of the bike...kind of like if your surfing on your belly and you want to turn you drag a foot...and it pulls the board around...this can also be used when you pass a big truck on the highway and as you get past the front there is usually a big wind that seems to want to push you around....try it on an open road first at freeway will notice as soon as you put one knee out you will have to compensate for the drag...more experienced riders will notice it more so than the overall effect is slight.

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    I did 150km/h across Alberta is crosswinds.

    Hug tank with knees, crouch down, lean into wind. It is fine, just watch out for hills along the road because the wind goes over the hill, not on the highway, so you start to go the direction of your lean, so you have to straighten out, then teh wind hits you again when the hill is gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bora20
    I did 150km/h across Alberta is crosswinds.

    Hug tank with knees, crouch down, lean into wind.
    + keep body weight on pegs!!!

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