Top Ten Stolen Bikes (U.S.)
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Thread: Top Ten Stolen Bikes (U.S.)

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    Top Ten Stolen Bikes (U.S.)

    according to CBS MarketWatch :

    2001 YAMAHA YZFR6
    2000 YAMAHA YZFR1
    2001 HONDA CBR600
    2000 YAMAHA YZFR6
    2001 YAMAHA YZFR1
    2001 HONDA CBR900
    2000 HONDA CBR900
    2001 SUZUKI GSXR600
    2001 SUZUKI GSXR750
    2000 HONDA CBR600F4

    These are bikes stolen and never recovered in 2001.
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    No kawi's I guess thats a good thing!

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    maybe,but it didn't help you!!sorry man had to say it.

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    I wish.
    Originally posted by green machine
    No kawi's I guess thats a good thing!
    Lol. The fact is, the most STOLEN bike is the most SOLD bike. And for North America I believe that is the F4i. Meaning Kawi sales must be down if they'r enot even on the list!
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    Had 2 bikes stolen in my life. The first was a 750 Triumph Tiger that I bought new in 1974 in Vancouver, took to England , spent 9 months touring with it in Europe where it was never garaged, returned with it to Van, locked and chained it in a garage and it was promptly stolen ! ! #2 was my own stupid fault - a 750 Benelli Sei in San Francisco - left the keys in the ignition while I went to buy a coffee ! !

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    No HD's?

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    ...a little more worried now...

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    Originally posted by GTI
    ...a little more worried now...
    same here....
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    My FZR is invisible...hahaha

    oh wait...its just ugly...nevermind.
    Rage. Its my drug of choice.

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    I'm glad to see that the VFR did not make the list. I am also of the opinion that the most stolen bikes are the ones that make the best track bikes. You don't see very many cops in pit row.


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