bike is fully race prepped right now, and here is a list of the mods / goddies that come with it.

-18000 kms
braided lines
-dp brake pads
-full akra system
-ivan's jet kit
-race tech forks
-ohlins shock
-ohlins steering damper
-dark smoke db screen
-bright white xenon bulbs
-attack rearsets
-NRC engine cover
-all street plastic (includes tank)
-2 sets of race plastic
-2 sets of wheels (includes rotars & kush drive)
-hotbodies undertail
-520 conversion (2 extra sets of gearing)
-everything to put it back to stock(rearsets, screen, exhaust, etc.)
-140 on the dyno

i'm sure that there are a couple other things but i'm forgetting, but that's pretty much it. it is all in race trim right now, but it would only take a couple hours to get her back to street.

i'm asking $9500 the way it sits, with all the goodies. i can also put it all back to stock and let it go for $8000. (all prices in CAN)

also, i won't be parting the bike out unless someone wants it put back to stock. then i'll deal with selling all the extras later. so don't even ask.

e-mail me for extra info or pics