Tire sidewall damage!
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Thread: Tire sidewall damage!

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    Exclamation Tire sidewall damage!

    FUG. When checking my tire pressure this morning I noticed a slice/tear in the sidewall of my rear tire.

    It's about an inch long and 1/8 inch deep. Its depth is not "straight in" but at an angle.

    FYI: that is a Metzeler Roadtec Z6 with about 1800 kms on it, bought in April this year.

    QUESTION 1: Is this something I should worry about? (Probably yes!)

    QUESTION 2: How could this have happened? Physical contact with some kind of sharp edge is a possibility, for sure. What about stress under load? I have ridden at Boundary Bay 3 (?) times on these, with tire pressure at 30 psi. They have done very well for me (little/no chicken strips).

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    this might be hard to tell but are any of the cords cut inside the rubber ?

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    i wouldn't take the chance - if that tire blows on the highway u'r toast - i've got a old 190 rear that you can have to get you by - pm me if u'r interested.

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    I see that your rim is scratched too.
    My bet is that it was road hazard and not vandalism.
    What I would do!!! spend the money and get a new tire.

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    Blow it!

    Do a standing burnout until she blows! (you know you've always wanted to - why should the Harley guys have all the fun). Set up a 50-50 betting pool, charge $10 per guess on when it will blow, and use your half to buy a new one.
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