Ron Smith T Shirts A wonderful tribute
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Thread: Ron Smith T Shirts A wonderful tribute

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    Ron Smith T Shirts A wonderful tribute

    Ron Smith was a friend of the long distance riding community for many years. He has been a builder of many custom LD riding accesories including light mounts, fuel cells and dash shelves. His web site is still up

    Ron died this spring shortly after the IBA Spring Meet in Omaha, both Michael (from BCSB) and I were lucky enough to get Ron to build us fuel cells shortly before his death.

    The LD riding community has put together a T shirt for Ron and I though some of you might get a chcuckle out of it. Feel free to order one if you like.

    Ron holds a special spot for me as he drove to La Push to sign in each of the two IBA members who successfully completed the Sunrise to Sunset Insanity Ride. I was number two a few years after Bob St. George did the first ride. Ron to a whole day to ride out to witness me in at LaPUsh. He was a good guy and all of you would have liked him.

    Ron Smith was a special friend to hundreds of us and it was very touching that so many wanted something to honor and remember him by.

    The initial idea was to add a little something to the pot to go to Ron's wife, Rose. However, Rose didn't feel comfortable with that idea. Instead, she suggested donating that extra amount to a charity in Ron's name.

    So, that's what we decided to do. We selected PolioPlus as the charity since Ron and I have been affiliated with PolioPlus and Bob Mutchler during all the rallies we've organized. It seemed fitting to support PolioPlus in this last endeavor too.

    The goal here will be to raise more than $1000.00 dollars for PolioPlus and this will entitle Ron to a very special award - the Paul Harris Fellowship.
    This also happens to be one of the highest honors a member of Rotary can give to someone else. Judging from the amount of emails I received about the t-shirts, I think that we can do much better than $1000.00. So, give generously.

    So, without further adieu, here are the two links you need to know about:

    To order your Ron Smith Pink t-shirt and memorial plate:

    To make a donation to PolioPlus in Ron's name:

    Let's see if we can have a sea of Pink t-shirts in the parking lot at the
    2005 Iron Butt Rally. ;-)

    I hope you're watching up there, Ron. If you are, I know you're giggling your ass off.
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    Ditto what Bill said.
    I met Ron 7 years ago, and have always been impressed with his humanity, compassion, sense of humour and generosity. Bill, his wife and I were privileged to attend his memorial service in Seattle. Riders were there from as far away as Alaska, Texas, and points around the compass.
    Not only did the riding community suffer a loss, a good friend, mentor, instructor and advocate is missing.

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