Anyone sell gopeds
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Thread: Anyone sell gopeds

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    Anyone sell gopeds

    Anyone around here sell "gopeds" those scooter things with a weedwacker motor??

    Have a friend who wants one...

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    I've seen a guy on here selling a bunch. probably in the for sale section.
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    Theres a place on burrard and davie that sells a bunch of minibikes and lately ive seen the goped ripping around I'll check tommorrow to see if they sell them
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    Call John at Tail Wind Cycles. I think he has them and he's located by 5th Gear and RMS, PacYam
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    PM Black Sunshine. Here's got a bunch for sale right now.
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    I have an Ad in the 'non-sport bike' section of the forum.

    Make me an offer on it all, and take EVERYTHING!!

    I've got hard parts, tires, engines, pipes, accessories, cylinders, carbs, pistons rings,etc,etc...

    PM me more more info.
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