Liter Bikes, which one is the best all around?
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Thread: Liter Bikes, which one is the best all around?

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    Liter Bikes, which one is the best all around?

    looking for some constructive opinion's on liter bikes. If you got one post up and give your taught's.

    Thanks, looking for a liter bike ................

    Looking at suz 1000, yami r1, Kawi's , Duc 999 and Honda 1000R

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    gixxer is rated all round good torqe and power next pic would be the 1000 rr cbr honda
    i bought the honda 1000rr repsol , and i love it. it has the electronic stabelizer and its so smooth through the turns and twistys, recovers really nice, lots of power for the wheelies too ( wich is always good) in the 1/4 mile its spose to do 10.2 and i did a 10.759,@ 139 mph stock, not strapped or anything so maybe friday night (tomorrow)at the strip i might do it or faster i beleve its 159 hp and the gixxer is 162 hp 1/4 its spose to do 9.97@ 145mph. i could be wrong but check out sportrider mag online and they have some stuff on all the bikes for all the info you need good luck finding your bike

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    Take the '1' for a ride time we are out.
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    It runs...
    keep it in the family... 999R

    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
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    the best litre bike is the one YOU like. test them and decide for yourself.

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    At 30, you will enjoy the V-Twin torque
    over the inline 4 Horse Power.

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    Everybody is gonna say that their liter bike is the best , like Doug said , test them and see which one you feel the most at ease with.

    P.S. by the way thegreen1 , nobody cares about 1/4 miles on a sportbike.
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    im partial to the r1, but that doesnt mean its best....

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    GSXR1000 will be bike of the year this year (TWO magazine just gave it #1 all round bike for track, commuting in the city, pillion rider comfort, and highway).

    Just so happens I have one for sale too LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutate Now!
    keep it in the family... 999R
    OHHHH ok..... how about the guy goes out there dumps 40 large , ($40000) on a machine that will hurt your back because the furthest you can ride it is stabucks cause u r a poser......
    Or he could go out and get like a repsol or R1 and still not be able to reach the peak of either bike anywhere in BC. |
    Unless you plan on riding very and I mean VERY hard and mostly on the track the 999r has got to be the worst choise of all.
    SO F*&% keeping it in the "family" screw that shit , move out and get a liter 4 cyl. bike.
    OH and if u get the 999r and you are only using half the power might as well get a Ninja 500 ....................

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    Z1000, those things are sweet!
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    999 - even the base model is too damn expensive, buy an RC51 and throw some toys on it for that price. Same sound and it'll spank the 999.
    Kawi - Hate it, too much power in such a light chassis. I found it extremely unstable and not much fun to ride (unless going in a straight line where power was eyeball melting).
    Gix / R1 / 1000RR - all kick ass in their own ways, test ride to find the one you like.

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    Funny thread!

    The models from the Big 4 are all excellent bikes. It really comes down to a very subtle choice of your seating and control position and if you insist on undertail exhaust or not. As for performance let's be honest here. The average rider on any of the Big 4 literbikes is not going to be able to feel the differences between any of them.

    Expanding out to include the liter bikes from Ducati and others opens up the I4 to twin question. At that point it can become quite the personal decision.

    That leaves the small things that you feel when you ride. The riding position and how it seems to make you feel like you're riding on the bike or "in" the bike. The sense of nervousness or stability the bike offers (although with today's suspension design you can pretty much set the bike up to make it feel like you want it to feel). The stray little bit of vibration that makes the bike feel like some serious internal combustion is actually taking place instead of some electric motor zooming you down the road. The sense that the bike morphs into you and the two of you feel like one cyborg like entity where the bike feels like your favouite pair of shoes or is there a block in achieving a oneness between the bike and rider. And finally there's the looks of the bike that makes you smile as you approach it for a new ride and forces you to pause and smile as it ticks away its heat at the end of the ride.

    These little things are the factors that you feel every time you ride regardless of if it's a trip to the corner store for milk, a week long tour, serious canyon day or a romp at the track. For me this ephemeral sense of communication with the bike is far more important than hp figures or 1/4 mile times or some magazine editor's thoughts.

    So my advice is to see if you can ride the choices. One or more will probably "speak" to you. Just be sure you're listening.....
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    The average rider on any of the Big 4 literbikes is not going to be able to feel the differences between any of them.

    gotta disagree on that one. the big four are quite different when you actually start rippin it. the yamaha has nothing under 8 and steers slower than the rest, the kawi is pretty fuckin twitchy when pushed, the cbr is a dog compared to the other 3 but handles seamlessly, and the gixxer is the most comfortable with torque right from the get go. big differences in weight, power, and chassis design are still evident among them. they aren't at the 600 level yet where the bikes are within a few pounds/ponies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeTee
    And finally there's the looks of the bike that makes you smile as you approach it for a new ride and forces you to pause and smile as it ticks away its heat at the end of the ride.
    Well said, fellow addict!

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